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Professional House cleaning

Our team of experienced professional crew members will provide thorough cleaning for homes that need to be freshened up for any reason. Our thoroughness ensures spotless results.

Although cleaning as an activity is extremely labour-intensive the eventual results of a professionally done job is one that adopts a combination of skilled labour with relevant chemicals/detergents. This is where Snow White makes the difference.

Handyman (Electrical and Plumbing)

Marble polishing / Stain removal / Repairs

We also provide other floor maintenance services that include;

Marble Buffing
Diamond Cut Polishing for Marble Floorings
Terrazzo Maintenance
Mosaic Floorings
Other Concrete Floorings
Vinyl Floor Maintenance
Installation of a range of Parquet Floorings
Maintenance of Parquet Floorings including Sanding down and Varnishing

Degreasing of appliances (Oven, Hob, Hood and microwave)

Dry cleaning / Steam cleaning of curtains

Sand and varnish of parquet flooring / Timber decking

Painting / Touch up of walls

Shampooing of carpet, upholstery

General contracting works